Oxy Blast® Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Oxy Blast® is a unique, safe, all-natural water treatment product with a proprietary formula that has been developed and proven effective for the agricultural and residential markets.
  • Oxy Blast® is composed of two important elements, hydrogen and oxygen. When these elements are combined with water, it increases the oxygen content in the water, yielding clearer, cleaner water.
  • Oxy Blast® is the future in natural, environmentally friendly water treatment.
Dairy Cow

Oxy Blast® Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Oxy Blast® treated water increases the feed conversion efficiency of livestock, which reduces a Producer’s production costs while ensuring your livestock consumes both the cleanest and healthiest water possible.
  • Oxy Blast® is an effective tool for reducing many of the health issues associated with well and rural water in livestock operations, as it acts as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant.
  • Oxy Blast® contains several natural herbs that help prevent the spread of disease among animals.

Oxy Blast® Applications

  • Improving water quality by removing contaminants
  • ​Increasing water flow rates and line pressures in water lines and systems
  • Improving water consumption and feed rates​ in livestock and poultry operations
  • Providing better tasting water in homes

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